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About T F Kerr Counseling

Often times life's trials and tribulations can leave you feeling vulnerable and overwhelmed. If you are struggling with symptoms of depression and anxiety, or have been abusing drugs and alcohol to cope, help is a phone call away. 

T F Kerr Counseling offers psychotherapy services that are both professional and confidential. I specialize in co-occurring disorders and mental disorders, and perform both individual and couple therapy. My focus is on the teenage, adult and senior populations. T F Kerr Counseling offers a warm, genuine and non-judgmental environment.

T F Kerr Counseling's Mission

Arm Around Shoulder


To provide you with SUPPORT as you face
your challenges and hardships.


To teach you coping strategies and skills that
will enhance your GROWTH as an individual.
Support Group Circle
Support to Growth to Independence with T F Kerr Counseling


To assist you with understanding and learning from your past, helping you to break free from the chains that keep you stagnant, and allowing you to experience fulfillment and INDEPENDENCE in life.
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